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ALFA CUED project - Cooperation University-Enterprise for Development


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The main aim of the project is sharing partners’ experience in order to identify more effective methodologies to improve the relationship between Universities and industry both within the University partnership and outside.

CUED followed three lines of action:

  1. Comparison of experience among University partners’ I.L.Os. This line of action produced the handbook “Oficina de Enlace”, available in Spanish language both in paper and CD version (the paper version was distributed among Latin America and Spanish Universities).

  2. Identification of a methodology in order to facilitate technology transfer between University and companies with special reference to exploitation of research results. This line of action lead to a free online database where some researches carried out in University partners are available. The search can be based on title, description, keyword. Every project partner works as a facilitator to bring into contact the person responsible for the research with company, organization or researcher interested in it.

  3. Quality evalutation of the research services offered by University to companies. As the main aim of “Oficina de Enlace” (Industrial Liaison Office) is strenghtening the relationship between University and industry, knowing the critical aspects to be improved for a more effective relationship is basic. Within the CUED project, University partners produced a questionnaire that was proposed to a sample of companies whose characteristics were agreed among the project partner. Each University partner worked out the information collected and produced a report.

Partners of the project


Final results (Spanish only)

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