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Marketing of research and patents

I.L.O. "UETP Alma Mater" promotes  the exploitation of research results carried out within the University of Bologna and of its patents.



To view researches carried out by the University of Bologna, you can visit our research database.

Please select the research you are interested in, and ask for further information by clicking here [DOC] [RTF]

Companies interested in contacting academic personnel in order to discuss the possibility of collaboration or the utilisation of research results, can complete the form, which can be downloaded here [DOC] [RTF]


The companies and those interested in acquiring licenses on the patents of the University of Bologna are requested to contact us.

To view some patents of the University of Bologna, click here.

To view the brochure "Patents and Research of the University of Bologna" (presented at the Trade Fair held in Geneva, 2003 ), click here.


For office staff

If you are a member of the staff, enter the password below to get access to the research database:



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