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Placements for foreign students in our region

Other activities

Training course for Academic spin-off company founder

The objectives of the training courses organised by the I.L.O. "UETP Alma Mater" were to provide academic personnel, new graduates and university students with the skills to promote the launch of a new business that are based on the exploitation of university research results.

The duration of the "spin-off" course was 90 hours of teaching plus individual meetings with professional experts.

If you want to know more about the policy of the University of Bologna in order to promote spin-off companies, please click here. (Italian only)


Training courses about technology transfer between university and enterprises


Other training courses

Professors interested in offering a training course to company employees can contact us. We will handle the marketing, the management, the preparation and the coordination of the course. The professor will be responsible for the scientific organisation of the course.

I.L.O. "UETP Alma Mater" will handle:

  • diffusion of information on the course to company employees
  • collection of the confirmation form from those interested
  • collection of money out of all applications
  • take care of the logistic details
  • distribution of the teaching material
  • collection of an evaluation form from the attendance

A selection of the courses already organized by I.L.O. "UETP Alma Mater":

  • Characterisation and Analysis of Waste Sites
  • Characterisation and Analysis of environmental components of Waste Sites
  • Fluid Dynamics and Thermic Exchange Technologies
  • Information Technology for Geo-resources
  • Internet: Hypertextual Navigation and Access to Databases
  • Management of Territory and Vegetation
  • Management of pesticides for the Containment of Environmental Pollution
  • Microwave Transmission and their Application in Telecommunications Sector with particular Reference to Satellite Broadcasting
  • Processes and Characteristics of Materials in the Ceramics Industry
  • Quality Systems and Certification in the Agricultural Food Industry
  • Risk Analysis in Process Industry
  • Science and Technology of Clay Materials
  • Risk Analysis in Process Industry
  • Science and Technology of Technically Advanced Ceramics
  • The Relaunch of Apple Growing: New Production Techniques, Conservation, Distribution and Marketing


International conferences

  • Technology Transfer between University and Industry: Problems and Solutions in European Countries

    The aim of the conference was to compare University policies in five European countries in order to improve technology transfer between universities and industry.

  • Networks, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • The aim of the conference was to inform, promote and stimulate the creation of networks between small and medium sized European companies, with the aim of facilitating their development and increasing their competitiveness in a global market. The conference was organised in collaboration with North London University (UK).

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