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The network of WiTEC

Currently there are 10 WiTEC national network co-ordinators based in the following countries.

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Austria United Kingdom
Germany Estonia
Hungary Greece
The Netherlands Italy
Sweden Spain



    Technikon Research Ltd is a privately owned company (research, projects in IT/Communication techn.) Our female engineers, scientists and economists who work successfully as project leaders/moderators in male dominated industries give proof that women can be successful in SET.

    WiTEC Austria provides a gateway for ambitious women in technology and science, who want to explore Europe. We provide European students who want to do an industrial semester with contacts to our industrial partners and support incoming and out-going students. We want to raise awareness for gender issues in research and technology oriented companies.

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    Estonian WITEC (EWITEC) activities during the last 4 years have been project based. Due to participation in ERASMUS, LEONARDO, VISBY and other international projects the WITEC ideas, aims and goals have found support and interest in Estonian partner universities, SME-s and other community organisations.

    2003 will be the beginning of the national network based activities and formation of the national network, along with a membership scheme.   

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G/I/S/A acts as the host organisation for WiTEC in Germany. GISA's work focuses on gender mainstreaming through the co-ordination of research, education and project activities. In its function as a competence centre for gender mainstreaming G/I/S/A works closely with further experts and provides services in the fields of research and information, education and international contacts.

    WiTEC Germany is currently the secretariat of the WiTEC Association.

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    Qualified women engineers and members of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG) established EDEM (Greek Women's Engineering Association) in 1995. EDEM operates parallel to and in co-operation with the TCG and the professional Associations of Greek Engineers, complementing and underpinning their actions to solve specific professional problems that women engineers face. EDEM offers a membership scheme to eligible female engineers.

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    WITEC Hungary is based at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and supports the overall aims of the WiTEC Network. WiTEC Hungary joined the WiTEC network in 2002 and is now further developing project ideas relating to gender and SET.

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    WiTEC Italy is based at the University of Bologna at the Industrial Liaison Office "UETP Alma Mater" which aims to redress the balance of women studying and working in science, engineering and technology (SET). WiTEC Italy works closely on student placement programmes for female students.

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The Netherlands

WiTEC Netherlands is represented by VHTO. VHTO makes an effort - in many different ways - to increase the involvement of women and girls in technology and engineering. For that purpose VHTO aims at advanced technological education, the technological employment market and government policy. VHTO has up-to-date expertise about technological education and fields of employment and a great deal of (quantitative as well as qualitative) data about female technology students and engineers.

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    The coordinator of WiTEC Spain is the research group of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). The members of this research group have been involved in different projects regarding equal opportunities for women since 1996. Some of those projects included studies about labour and pay discrimination and its relationship with job evaluation. Other studies were about glass ceiling, equal opportunities and statistics studies on women in Science and Technology.

    Their main goals are: to know the different ways of gender discrimination and the causes of the small number of women in the world of science and technology (and especially in higher positions); to design tools and performance proposals contributing to equal opportunities for women in learning and in the work market: access to jobs, promotion, salary and working conditions; motivate and training in matter of gender; to provide with proposals that impel a greater participation of women in science and technology.

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    WiTEC Sweden participates presently in approximately 10 EU projects. WiTEC spreads information and research in subjects concerning women and technology, equality, education, industry etc by: arranging placements and scholarships for female students, arranging courses and seminars for professionals and employees, developing courses and training material. WiTEC Sweden offers a national membership scheme.

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United Kingdom

Inova provides consultancy services that respond to the needs of organisations and individuals in the area of diversity and equal opportunities. Specialist experience within Inova is in the field of gender and SET (Science, Engineering and Information Technology) in appropriate positive intervention strategies to address diversity issues and in particular, redress the imbalance of women in non-traditional courses and careers. Our services include bid writing, project management and training.

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