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WiTEC Projects

LOUPE project


Nowadays universities in higher technical education face two problems. Firstly, the inflow decreases because the majority of girls and many boys appear not to be attracted to technology education. This is predominantly caused by a lack on technical job profiles whereas especially female students have not a clear idea on the variety and interdisciplinary jobs there exist.

Secondly, companies complain that the content of engineering studies is outdated. Recent innovations in higher technical education (HTE) have focused on these problems, leading to a search for practical material (real life cases, projects, problems) and other forms of (knowledge) input into technology education that comes from actual practice.

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PREFACE project

All over Europe countries face radical structural changes in the economy often accompanied by the breakdown of traditional branches of big industries formerly dominating the structure. It is recognised that there is a need for creation and development of small and medium sized enterprises (SME's) to make the necessary contribution to job creation, competitiveness and growth.


In this process universities and higher education institutions play an important role both in innovation and development of new "industrial" fields and in creating the infrastructure of knowledge creation, ideas and learning. Students graduated from universities and higher education institutions make the fundamental potential resource for creating the necessary new enterprises in the field of science, engineering, technology and IT that are needed in developing strong and competitive regions in Europe.

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